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First Time: In Equal Parts

Dibby Theatre and Waterside Arts Centre, 2018

First Time: In Equal Parts was a collection of work responding to HIV from personal, educational and activist viewpoints.The exhibition unashamedly challenged stigma, dispelled myths, and encouraged people to talk positively about HIV.


In Equal Parts was an exhibition and outreach programme as part of First Time, a solo show by queer artist and activist, Nathaniel Hall, which is funny and frank show about attempting to stay positive in a negative world. 

Role: Artist / Workshop facilitator / Curator / Outreach producer


STIGMA-MA-MA, 2018. 

These four drawings reference the life cycle of the HIV virus and the stigma attached to the disease. The first drawing highlights the intensity of stigma that  people have endured throughout history but the stigma and discriomation  becomes interrupted through the power of protest, access to medical treatment, and education. The drawings were site specific and displayed on the light fittings in the gallery.

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